The Martin Vinje Company AS represents Kenwood Ltd. and DeLonghi Appliances SpA.
Kenwood is Europe's largest brand within kitchen appliances and an  outstanding leader of kitchen -
machines for years. Delonghi is Europe's largest supplier of coffee machines and is the world's largest producer
of oil-filled heaters.

Altogether, Kenwood and Delonghi as a group is one of the largest players in their product areas.
The Martin Vinje Company AS does not import products themselves, but is a liaison between the manufacturers
and players in Norway, aiming to ensure the most effective communication and the flow of goods.

If need for service, parts, manuals or technical assistance, please contact Servicecompaniet AS, where a number of
highly experienced professionals who know the products inside and out are available to assist you. For wholesale to retailers please contact NET Eltorget AS.

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